First results are out now for churches who took part in the 2021 NCLS


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Churches who have completed and returned their 2021 NCLS Surveys, will receive an email announcing when their Summary Profile is available online, from April 2022.

More information on what to expect after the survey

The 2021 National Church Life Survey has drawn to a close, however late churches are encouraged to still take part and return their surveys.

Churches who have already returned their completed surveys will receive an email announcement when their Summary Profile is ready to view. Thousands of churches have now received their Summary Profiles in April.


March update on the 2021 NCLS

The end of March is the target date for churches to return their surveys. 

That target enables NCLS to deliver timely results back to churches and denominations.

Late returns will still be processed but those results will be delayed. More information about survey options to adapt to various COVID-19 restrictions is available.




What if it only took 20 minutes to listen to all your church attenders in these changing times? And you get a report to inform your decisions for the future?


From November to March, thousands of churches across Australia will participate in the 2021 National Church Life Survey (2021 NCLS).




The survey is designed to listen to the views of your leadership, attenders, and broader community to provide a picture of your church’s health and vitality. The results will help you identify your strengths and provide processes to help you evaluate, make decisions and connect effectively with your community.

Every local Christian church in Australia is invited to take part in the seventh nationwide survey of churchgoers- the 2021 National Church Life Survey.


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Encouraging church health and vitality

The National Church Life Survey offers churches a process that:

  • Gives each person a voice (including kids)
  • Supports your local church leader/s
  • Resources your local church
  • Tracks your own church's history
  • Equips denominational leadership


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A series of interlinked surveys

Options for participation include:
1. Church Census:
To map activities, resources and people in local churches
2. Leader Survey:
For leaders to reflect on leadership development and personal wellbeing
3.Church Life Survey:
For all attenders to reflect on their experience of local church vitality
4. Local Community Survey:
NEW in 2021. To learn about views and practices of people in the community (beyond regular attenders).


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Research-based evidence for decisions

Denomination/movement leaders have evidence for their decisions:

  • Church effectiveness
    • Church health and vitality
    • Governance
    • Church planting
  • Leadership
    • Effective leadership practices
    • Sustainable leadership, thriving vs burnout
    • Formation, mentoring
  • Who goes to church
    • Newcomers to church life
    • Cultural diversity
  • Programs/systems
    • Ministry programs and outreach
    • Practices of healthy churches
  • Church in society
    • World views and social issues