Full Church Life Profiles are out now 

What do churches receive?

Churches that participated in the National Church Life Survey have online access to their Church Life Profile, a 28 to 36 page report of their unique survey results. As well they can access their resources online including their Workbook, Enriching Church Life ebook and more.

A printed copy of the Church Life Profile will be mailed to churches in a Church Life Pack of resources in the near future.


About the Church Life Pack


How to view and share your results

Churches can now view and share their Church Life Profile and accompanying resources when they sign in to MyNCLS.

Participating churches will receive an email with instructions on how to sign in using an approved church email address.  Once signed in, churches can download and share their Profile, Workbook, Enriching Church Life ebook and more.




Want to stay informed?

The trends, overview findings and national results from the 2021 NCLS are being released in articles, infographics and webinars. To stay informed of the latest research and insights, sign up for our monthly newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

About the 2021 NCLS

From November 2021 to early 2022, thousands of churches across Australia participated in the 2021 National Church Life Survey (2021 NCLS).


Through the survey, in only 20 minutes, churches were able to listen to all their church attenders in these changing times. And they receive a report to inform their decisions for the future.




The survey is designed to listen to the views of your leadership, attenders, and broader community to provide a picture of your church’s health and vitality. The results will help you identify your strengths and provide processes to help you evaluate, make decisions and connect effectively with your community.

Every local Christian church in Australia was invited to take part in the seventh nationwide survey of churchgoers- the 2021 National Church Life Survey.





Encouraging church health and vitality

The National Church Life Survey offers churches a process that:

  • Gives each person a voice (including kids)
  • Supports your local church leader/s
  • Resources your local church
  • Tracks your own church's history
  • Equips denominational leadership


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A series of interlinked surveys

Options for participation include:
1. Church Census:
To map activities, resources and people in local churches
2. Leader Survey:
For leaders to reflect on leadership development and personal wellbeing
3.Church Life Survey:
For all attenders to reflect on their experience of local church vitality
4. Local Community Survey:
NEW in 2021. To learn about views and practices of people in the community (beyond regular attenders).


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Research-based evidence for decisions

Denomination/movement leaders have evidence for their decisions:

  • Church effectiveness
    • Church health and vitality
    • Governance
    • Church planting
  • Leadership
    • Effective leadership practices
    • Sustainable leadership, thriving vs burnout
    • Formation, mentoring
  • Who goes to church
    • Newcomers to church life
    • Cultural diversity
  • Programs/systems
    • Ministry programs and outreach
    • Practices of healthy churches
  • Church in society
    • World views and social issues