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Key information about the 2021 NCLS for NCLS Regional Coordinators

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The information here is for ‘NCLS Regional Coordinators’. These Regional Coordinators are nominated by their denomination or region (synod, state etc.) to liaise with NCLS Research throughout the survey project.

In most cases this person oversees the organisation of the survey in their region and is the main point of contact for their churches.

Currently, Regional Coordinators are asked to check their church listings and order surveys for their churches.


October 2021 Update on the 2021 NCLS

  • The 2021 NCLS is on, starting from November
  • The survey period has been extended until February 2022 due to COVID-19
  • Sign your churches up now- it's not too late. 


More information about survey options to adapt to various COVID-19 restrictions is available.


For 2021 NCLS Coordinators

NCLS Regional Coordinators represent their denominations and  regions in the National Church Life Survey project. They are a link between the NCLS Research team and many local churches. They assist with communication about the national survey project and with logistics.

This video outlines two key tasks that Regional Coordinators need to perform to facilitate 2021 NCLS Survey orders in their region or denomination.


Message to Regional Coordinators

Dear NCLS Regional Coordinators,

Thank you for your support and collaboration in hosting the 2021 National Church Life Survey in your region.

We acknowledge the many Christian denominations, movements and churches that make the 2021 National Church Life Survey possible. The collaboration of such a large diversity of participants is testimony to the vision and leadership of church leaders nation-wide.

This is the site where you will be able to find copies of our correspondence outlining denominational arrangements, along with other survey project information and promotional material for your use.

Regional Coordinators are invited to contact Sam Sterland at the NCLS Research office with any inquiries.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Ruth Powell
Director, NCLS Research
on behalf of the NCLS Research team and Board of Governors

A proposal for the 2021 NCLS for Regional Coordinators and Denominational Leaders


 View proposal document for the 2021 NCLS project

(pdf download)


Regional Coordinators are welcome to contact Sam Sterland at the NCLS Research office with any inquiries or questions.

NCLS Research
9/122 Herring Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113

P: 02 9139 2525

Understand The Big Pic

Catholic briefing

The Catholic Church has participated in the National Church Life Survey since 1996 and our current partnership in 2021 is with 24 Catholic Dioceses around Australia.

This page contains additional resources for Catholic Diocesan co-ordinators and parishes.