After the Survey

Make best use of your 2021 NCLS results

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From April 2022, we are pleased to release first results for participating churches in the 2021 NCLS. Churches will receive an email providing a Profile Number to view their Summary Profile online. As well, supporting resources are available to help churches respond and take steps of action.  

After the survey, explore your results and involve your church in a positive, inclusive process:

•  View your 2021 NCLS Summary Profile

•  Worksheets to explore your Summary Profile

•  Phases of release of results

The first release of results is available for participating churches from April 2022. The Summary Profile contains highlights of a church's survey results.

Local churches can view their Summary Profile using their Profile Number online.

View your 2021 NCLS results

Churches who have participated in the 2021 NCLS will receive their results in phases. The first phase in April 2022 is the release of a church's Summary Profile, including a highlight of their results from the survey.

Churches can view their Summary Profile online using the Profile Number sent to their church from April 2022.

Enter your church's Profile Number to view your results online

Where do I find my Profile Number?

Churches who have completed and returned their 2021 NCLS Surveys, will receive an email announcing when their Summary Profile is available online, from April 2022. 

View a sample Summary Profile

The Summary Profile is an 8 page report containing highlights of a church's results from the 2021 National Church Life Survey.

It is presented in a dynamic, infographic style, is easy to read and share with others. Each page and the entire Profile can be downloaded as a pdf document. The Profile Number can also be shared with any number of people to enable them to view the Profile online.

The Summary Profile includes:

  • The people of this church
  • Church attendance and background of attenders
  • What people value and prioritise
  • How people relate to God
  • How people relate to each other
  • How people relate to the wider community
  • Vision, innovation and leadership culture

View Sample Summary Profile (pdf)


Worksheets to explore your Summary Profile

A series of worksheets are available to help you explore your results. These will help involve your church in a positive process to reflect on and explore your results, then respond to your findings and take practical steps of action into the future.

A detailed Workbook, along with other supportive resources, will be available as part of the Church Life Pack around September 2022, in time for the release of their full Church Life Profile of results.


Explore pages 2-4 of our Summary Profile: "Our people, backgrounds and priorities":

Worksheet: Our people, backgrounds and priorities


Explore pages 5-7 of our Summary Profile: "How we relate to God, each other and our community":

Worksheet: God, eachother and community


Explore page 8 of our Summary Profile: "Our vision, innovation and leadership culture":

Worksheet: Vision, innovation and leadership


Synthesise our Summary Profile into a report:

Report Template: Our Summary Profile

What's next? Phases of release of results

Participating churches will receive their survey results in stages:

  • April 2022: Summary Profile of results online
  • September 2022: full Church Life Profile of results online and Church Life Pack mailed to churches


April 2022- Summary Profile available online

September 2022 - Church Life Profile available online

September 2022- Church Life Packs available

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Review your results with your leadership team. Clearly identify and consider the feedback your church attenders gave in the survey.

Reflect on what you see in your Church Life Profile in terms of the health and life of your church. By considering the feedback of your church attenders, leaders can get a sense of their discernments and experiences. 

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Communicate your findings and results, and invite your church to be a part of any future plans or directions. 

Sharing the findings of your survey with the whole church to help them own any future plans, directions and mission goals. Invite them to participate in a process of action. A strong sense of ownership leads to a more healthy church.

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After doing the survey it’s important to do something with the results. Take steps of action into the future together.

Churches can use their survey feedback to have more meaningful conversations and make informed decisions, with evidence to back up choices and directions. Churches can form an action plan that empowers attenders to contribute their gifts and skills and move to action together.