Survey Details

A series of interlinked surveys and options for completion

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The 2021 NCLS is a series of interlinked surveys.  With higher levels of participation comes greater breadth and depth of information and insight about the character of local churches, regions, denominations and the Church in Australia as a whole.  

Types of surveys include: Survey for church administrator (Census Form); Survey for leaders (Leader Survey); Survey for church attenders (Attender Survey); and a Survey for children (optional) (Child Survey).


What is the 2021 NCLS

What Is 2021 NCLS 01

A five-yearly nationwide survey of churches

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How much

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Costs and benefits for participating churches

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Survey options

NCLS 180

An overview of the types of surveys available

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Survey kit

Guide Survey Bundle

Participating churches will receive a Survey Kit to help them run the survey

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How to sign up

NCLS 182 (2)

Churches sign up by ordering surveys

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FAQs Community Survey

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An online survey to listen to people in the local community

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Promotions and Media Kit regarding the 2021 National Church Life Survey

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