An evaluation of the health and vitality of a church, in 9 core qualities of church life.

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Churches that took part in the 2021 National Church Life Survey receive a Church Life Profile showing their survey results, with a clear evaluation of the church’s vitality in core areas of church life. 

A church's Profile/s can be viewed online at

A range of Church Life Profiles will be released in phases, showing a church's results from the 2021 NCLS. Accompanying the Profile/s are a range of resources including a Workbook, Enriching Church Life ebook and more. They can all be accessed online.

Phase 1: First release of results via the Summary Profile online.

Phase 2: Delivery of the Church Life Profile online.

Phase 3: Postage of Church Life Pack of resources to churches including a printed copy of their Church Life Profile




Summary Profile

The Summary Profile is an 8 page report containing highlights of a church's results from the 2021 National Church Life Survey.

It is presented in a dynamic, infographic style, is easy to read and share with others. Each age and the entire Profile can be downloaded as a pdf document. The Profile Number can also be shared with others to enable them to view the Summary Profile online.

The Summary Profile includes:

  • The people of this church
  • Church attendance and background of attenders
  • What people value and prioritise
  • How people relate to God
  • How people relate to each other
  • How people relate to the wider community
  • Vision, innovation and leadership culture

View Sample Summary Profile (pdf)



Church Life Profile

The Church Life Profile is an 28-36 page report containing a church's results from the 2021 National Church Life Survey.

It includes an evaluation of church health in 9 core qualities of church life and 3 attendance measures. It also includes changes over time and comparisons to benchmarks. 

The Church Life Profile includes:

  • Dashboard of Key highlights
  • Summary Profile
  • The people of this church
  • Church attendance and background of attenders
  • Internal core qualities: Faith, Worship and Belonging
  • Outward core qualities: Service, Faith-sharing and Inclusion
  • Inspirational core qualities: Vision, Innovation and Leadership Culture
  • Child Survey results (if churches completed a Child Survey)
  • Denominational Question results (if completed)

How to View and Share your Profile

Worksheets to explore your Summary Profile

A series of Worksheets are available to help you explore your results. A detailed Workbook, along wit other supportive resources are available as part of the Church Life Pack.


Explore pages 2-4 of our Summary Profile: "Our people, backgrounds and priorities":

Worksheet: Our people, backgrounds and priorities


Explore pages 5-7 of our Summary Profile: "How we relate to God, each other and our community":

Worksheet: God, eachother and community


Explore page 8 of our Summary Profile: "Our vision, innovation and leadership culture":

Worksheet: Vision, innovation and leadership


Synthesise our Summary Profile into a report:

Report Template: Our Summary Profile


Make the most of your results with the Workbook

Church Life Survey Workbook

To help churches to explore and apply their survey results, we provide a Church Life Survey Workbook. The Workbook includes ideas, tools, workshops and practical processes to evaluate your results, communicate any insights or plans, then take steps of action into the future together. 


More information on the Workbook