Evaluate your survey results


When you receive your survey results, reflect on them with your leadership team. Clearly identify and consider the feedback your church attenders gave in the survey.

Each participating church will receive a Church Life Profile showing their unique survey results, to help churches reflect on and review their ministry and mission. By considering the feedback of their church attenders, leaders can get a sense of their discernments and experiences. They can identify and steward their people's gifts and skills. Through a process of engagement, it helps a church to make informed choices, take action and move into the future together.

What are your results saying?

Explore your survey results. Reflect with a leadership team or small group. Identify and consider what attenders are saying in their survey responses. Seek God’s guidance together with a sense of calling or leading.

Resources to help you evaluate your results:

· Summary Profile: an overview of key results (available online early 2022).
· Church Life Profile: comprehensive survey results (available in months following April 2022).
· Church Life Survey Workbook: practical processes and worksheets to engage your results.

Worksheets to explore your Summary Profile of survey results

Our People, Priorities and Gifts; How We Relate to God, Each other and the Wider Community; Our Vision, Innovation and Leadership Culture

What is your church ready for in 2022? Select a process to suit your church.

Review your church’s readiness to engage their survey results and undertake a response. What is your church ready for in 2022? Select a process of action planning to suit your church. What will help them respond to the survey results and take action?

Resources to help you reflect on church readiness and explore processes to suit:

· Church readiness reflections: to assess your church's readiness for change.

· Stories from local churches: giving examples of how they use the NCLS results.

· Church Life Survey Workbook: containing a range of planning processes: outlines of short, medium and long processes for churches.

Worksheets to reflect on what your church is ready for

What Is Our Church Ready For?; Our Goals and A Process to Suit; How We Will Evaluate, Communicate and Act; Our Capacity For Action

Checklist of key tasks: from early 2022 onwards

Receive and engage your results. Consider church readiness and select a process to suit.
1. Receive your results online (Summary Profile in early 2022) then full Church Life Profile and Church Life Pack of resources in the months following April 2022.
3. Engage your results with a leadership team.
3. Consider your church's readiness to engage the results and undertake a response.
4. Select a process of action planning to suit your church.

NEXT STEP (in 2022):

AFTER THE SURVEY: After you have evaluated your survey findings and your church's readiness to respond, make a plan to COMMUNICATE YOUR RESULTS.

1. Prepare 2. Administer 3. Evaluate 4. Communicate 5. Act