Leading through change

Helping leaders to navigate complexity and adapt to change

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When a future is unclear, unlocking wisdom and discernment is more key than ever.

The COVID-19 era has added complexity to the shape of church life. It has required churches to adapt to social distancing measures, finding creative alternatives to stay connected.

Times are complex and the situation has demanded agile and responsive leadership.

Leaders may find themselves assisting others to negotiate change, to make sense of newness, to adapt to new ways of being church or adopt different strategies for breaking down isolation.

Due to the pandemic conditions of the past year, the context for church life is very different, yet decisions still need to be made, ministry activities still need to be shaped, people still need to be loved and included. 

So how do churches do that now? How can they best navigate their way through the consistently changing conditions, to find their 'new normal'?


We believe that having a solid, informed basis for directions and decisions can help support and equip your church leadership. Evidence and trends help us see clearly what has happened in the past and what is emerging in the present. Such information and insight becomes a toolbox equipping leaders as they approach new and unforeseen circumstances.


Learning from proven patterns, seeing the emerging trends and listening well now, can offer a life-giving way to develop vision and direction, in order to move forward into a 'new normal' for a church group. The National Church Life Survey is a tool designed for such a purpose.

This is why thousands of churches in over 20 denominations have trusted the National Church Life Survey for over 30 years, to help equip them. The research and resources are designed to help churches to have life to the full, develop effective leadership practices and understand their role in a changing Australia. 



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