Reconnecting with your church and community

It may be more important than ever for a leader to reconnect with their people

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With many church attenders scattered and perhaps feeling increasingly disconnected throughout the past year, re-connecting may be more vital now than ever. 

As church worship service gatherings begin again, under easing social distancing protocols, being able to assist churchgoers to reconnect with each other, to strengthen their sense of community, as they participate in their faith alongside others, is all part of the current journey at many churches. 

After more than a year of of disjointed, disconnected life, it is a key time to listen to churchgoers' experiences, in order to bring people together again, to build belonging, faith and a vital body of Christ.

The 2021 National Church Life Survey is designed with the current context in mind. The Attender Survey, Youth Survey and Child Survey, all listen to churchgoers of various ages and gather their experiences, thoughts, passions and discernments on church life. These survey results help to inform leaders and equip them to strengthen their church's health. Specific questions address the impacts of COVID-19 on churchgoers around the country.

With local communities experiencing hardship, many churches have been reaching out and serving their neighbours.

Helping churches to hear the experiences of local community members and capture their views on how the church could best offer support and partnership, is one feature of the Local Community Contacts Survey in the 2021 NCLS. 


Your church is invited to participate in the 2021 NCLS and can take advantage of flexible survey options to canvass the groups you would like to reconnect with.



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